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Better Living Through Geometry

When your friends see it, they’ll think it’s a satellite, a molecule, a virus, jewels, or an electric flower. Watch as they experience what is not just a cool lamp, but an insanely cool presence. An awesome party light, giving off a warm glow, like candles. You’ll use it for personal mood lighting, daily, since the bulbs will rarely, if ever, burn out. And my world, Watson, just look at it! Why turn it off? A great nightlight, still visible as a delicate electric gem in direct sunlight. You don‘t turn off a sculpture. You have just become an art patron.

D Four Three Eight Three Three Zero S

That’s its US Patent number. Look closely. Your Bulbohedron uses a single metal part, repeated 30 times, assembled into a shell using 120 rivets. They’re made in Nik’s New York City Studio using computer-controlled machine tools, and assembled by hand. Brass, stainless steel, aluminum, Bakelite and glass, packed with electronics too, including the sexy surgical stainless steel dimmer knob, right on top. You have discovered one of the coolest thought provoking objects available at any price. Bright enough to read by, the warm glow of a fireplace included.

Intensely Calming, Like a Purring Tiger

Snuggle up to an enlightening mood enhancer, the calming radiance of an oil lamp mated to terrible and confrontational Beauty, like staring into the face of God. Pure Geometry. Pure Physics. A Platonic solid cast in our own time, the Atomic Age, recapturing the magical effect electric lighting had in the Victorian Age. Electricity associated with the Life Force itself. A twitching frog leg was big news. The icosahedron is the only mathematical solution for distributing 20 light bulbs around a central hub. This is not design: it is Discovery.

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Note the full range dimmer knob.

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Bigger Version

Bulbohedron Patent:

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