Note: Only certain products are in actual production, as noted on each page. This is a gallery of my design work over the last few years. Ongoing production continues for The Tube Lamp (a hit product!) and The Pendants. To order directly, send a check for free shipping in the USA. A Euro voltage version of the Tube Lamp is also available.

Art: The Hidden Beauty of Common Things
Light, as embodied in the sun, lightening, and fire has been revered by man since antiquity. When light bulbs, a product of modern industry, are energized with a subtle flow of electrons, they seize you with a glowing ambience of primordial invention. Geometrically arrayed to fill space, light bulbs become the wildest things you’ve ever seen.

Design With a Capital ‘D’
Scientist turned artist Nik Willmore presents his new light sculptures. Living with one, you appreciate the deep intelligence not of the designer, but of Nature itself. Nothing is arbitrary in their design. They flow from first principles and functional parameters, not a sense of styling. Beautiful as roses are beautiful: form follows function. Not retro, but made with a retro attitude: one of old world progress and optimism, as well as the search for meaning through art.

Spiritual Illumination
Switch it on and your soul is exposed to the mysterious and inspiring world of atomic excitation and blackbody radiation, ejecting a warm photonic glow, from intricately glass-blown marvels of science and engineering (light bulbs). The overall, close-up effect effect is frighteningly beautiful. You control the mood (not just the light level) from “candlelight” to “bedtime reading” to “romantic,” all the way up to “party” level. Lots of bulbs give lots of light.

Choose from an array psychoactive and yet calmingly sensuous products. From the mysteriously cute little Bulbohedron, to the happy nuclear charm of Prometheus, a mad scientist's neural network (The Brain), or the haughty gloss black of The Tube Lamp.

Photo by Keico Noda

Willmore Works
601 W. 110th St. #5R
New York, NY 10025


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