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The Glow Bug

$225 for Table Version (Floor Verion is $290 and can swing back and forth like a cattail).

Dear Mom:

Hey I thought I was done with that brochure I told you about but I had a silly tinkertoy idea of a new sculpture based on the exact same parts as my Brain, only ridiculously small. Yet it worked!!! It’s cute as heck and easier to make than all the others.

But I thought it would fail as an actual table lamp since there was no way to add the usual tipover safety switch unless I added the usual super-expensive base. The next day I had the astonishing idea of adding “legs” all over the place so if it fell on the floor, the bulbs would not be likely to shatter and cause sparks at all. I then finally found a supplier of cheap but very high quality cord dimmers so I don’t have to make my own circuits, and suddenly I had my best product ever. Yes!!!!!

It’s set me a little behind in my work, but what a great problem to have! I’ve designed a floor lamp kit and pendent and wall lantern versions too.

I wasn’t sure what to call it though. I came up with Lucifer’s Flower, The Babe Magnet, The Fun House, The Bright Idea, Sputnik, No Gucci (word play on a certain type of yuppie lamp), Screw Ball, or the Lulu Lamp (after my cat). But I went with my original code name of “The Glow Bug,” since it glows and is cute as a bug!

I figure finally, I mean you know I’ve always thought people deserve better, deserve much cooler things for their money and with this design ma, I did it. I DID IT!!!!!!

Hope you are feeling well,

Love Nik




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