The Glow Bug Pendant is 8.5 inches wide and retails for $165. It has 24 bulbs (96 watts).

The Brain Pendant Version is 11 inches wide, has 60 bulbs and retails for $350. It has 60 bulbs (240 watts).

Grand Central Station is an extended version of The Brain and retails for $1250. It has 150 bulbs (600 watts).

It has 150 bulbs, comparable to the 144 bulb chandeliers in Grand Central Station:

The Buckminster Super Star is 18 inches wide, has 180 bulbs and retails for $1250. It has 180 bulbs (720 watts).

By popular demand pendants are now available in silver:

Pendants come with black wire and black ceiling canopy. Use of a wall dimmer is necessary for proper effect. Standard wall dimmers are 600W but 1000W or 1500W dimmers are available from electrical suppliers.

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