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Foursome $85 • Solo $48 • Lucky Seven $125

Fantasy in Scarlet and Black

”When I lay eyes on Dr. Nik’s Structuresticks my mind lights up, for contained within the airy boundaries of these exotic sculptures are a lifetime of romantic symbolism. Like a schoolgirl making up stories, the cherry marbles become my beating heart, safely locked up in some Don Juan’s castle. With caged desire I play hard to get but then suddenly the black scaffolded sticks become a titanium skyscraper, thrusting into the clouds in Utopia where the men are all geniuses and the women forever young. I don red lipstick and a little black dress. My date arrives in a black limo and black suit and we take the elevator to dine in the sky. As the candles become rockets I catch myself daydreaming.”

A Study in Decorative Science

Spires of Bakelite composite are computer cut in Dr. Nik’s NYC studio and the 2D parts are modularly assembled into a 3D structure. Every detail from the glass balls that add necessary mass to the ergonomic handles arise from functional requirements, guided by Nik’s intuition and background in designing complex molecules from only a few basic units.

I Came. I Saw. I Consumed.

“When I got home the choice of candles was obvious. Red! I love the way the wine colored globes become little TV screens, each containing a rose tinted black and white movie of my room as I saunter by. I got a Foursome but had to grab a Solo as well since the cute little thing converts into a bud vase too! A single rose now cheers me up all day long. I love carrying the candelabra around by its stalk like I live in a castle. When I got carried away and dripped some wax it fell on the bobeche (”bow-besh”) dishes, which are easy to clean.”

The Structurestick Solo converts to a bud vase too with the included Pyrex test tube:

Specifications: Solo = 5.5” high, Foursome = 12.8” high, Lucky Seven = 15.3" high.

Willmore Works
601 W. 110th St. #5R
New York, NY 10025