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The Brain

Mad Science. Scare Your Friends. Sooth your Soul.

Your brain is a butterfly that doesn’t belong to you. Your life is my life is yours. Junk DNA codes a million memory years. “What the hell is this thing?“ A Brain.
See inside: electronics. “Bulbohedron exploded?“ A Love Bomb. Sixty rivets left. Inside, a tormented jungle. Fifty feet of wire, all over the place, packaged in a subconscious inner space. Filaments aglowing, under your diabolical control. Chaotic. Hypnotic. Organic. Rational Insanity. A disembodied Intelligence. Optical bliss. How can a sense of calmness and completeness arise from such chaos?

How Many Light Bulbs Will It Take to Unscrew Your Stress?

Sixty! You’ll see that the disorder on the inside makes the order on the outside more triumphant. Examine closely the textured luxury of the deep red brown, canvas-reinforced composite hubs and struts, curving under dynamic, vibrational tension. They draw you in, for a closer look. Microscopic. The shear number of filaments, floating in space, right in front of you. That’s golden. Walk around it. The change in perspective is delightful, sparkling even, like a jewel. It’s not a lamp. It’s a diamond in the sky.

Light is Bright Time is Round and Space is Curved

Your brain begs you for that which is fun, which is new, which is infused with playful novelty. It’s also requires you to relax, to reconnect with Nature, to pursue that which is authentic, that which is real. Mr. Science has answers. The Age of Reason unearthed Mysteries orders of magnitude deeper than history could have ever even imagined. Are we alone in the Universe? What is matter? Does time even exist? Why 20 years of our hours dreaming? Nobody knows. Life is boring without Mystery. Worse, that in the face of the most beautiful world Mankind has ever been thrust into, idle minds are breeding discontent. Reclaim your right to dance your life away, righteously, in control of your own destiny. Your Brain belongs to you.

Price is $450.

The Pedestal converts your Brain from a Table lamps to a floor lamp
(price is $95):

Gravity wave detector:

Atom smasher:

Neutrino Detector:

The Y2K Ball:

The Dallas Reunion Tower:

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