The Tube Lamp

Vacuum Tube Status Amplifier

In hindsight, now that you know the story... you’ll understand how The Tube Lamp was designed as a tribute (spoof?) of contemporary and astonishingly high priced vacuum tube audio amplifiers. Whatever. The result was not as expected. Turned out to be a pure attitude fashion model. Glossy haute couture edginess projected into the room. Cooler than calming, more flirty than romantic. Mr. Science, lead astray by a new flame. A sly grin detected, being her chaperone at a Society party.

Sexy Little Black Box

Minimalist material fetish, an infrared phallic statement, a glamorous orgy of dildoic heat seeking missiles. Art deco meets art nouveau meets fabulous hostess. The box is Bakelite, the switch is chrome, the top is a mirror, and the knob has a dome. By original blueprinted tribute to audio amps, the knob, sought to this Earth’s end, is a factory replacement part, from a Fender Telecaster electric guitar. It might not make you a rock star, but it will make you a contender, in control of 225 watts of luxurious power.

Vanity Thy Name is Tube Lamp

Pretentiously cool with unprincipled gloss: a trophy. Do you blame yourself for falling in love with a diva? Of course not. She is youthfully devastating in vintage fashion, combined with black attack well healed boots. A fun-amplifier at parties or a pleasantly expensive date, but she’s a little, uh... how do I say it? You know the type. “What would life be without mystery?” Who cares. The real question is: what would it be like without challenge, adventure and fond memories? To hell with Philosophy this weekend. A Grammy lamp, not a granny lamp, its warm glow a bit too hot, and thus not one to take home to mom, but it sure looks great in your apartment.

Price is $275 $225. E-mail me to arrange to send a check.

(Click here to download a press-quality version of the above pictures.)

The Tube Lamp uses nine standard 25 watt tubular bulbs which are included (along with a spare). The type is known as 25T10 "showcase" bulbs used in store displays and picture frame lights. Drug Stores or Home Depot has them. I can give you a deal on a full set of 10+ bulbs that will match each other exactly though. I'd sell them for $1 each instead of the usual $2.79. Just call or e-mail until I get a chance to add a web ordering link. Bulbs rarely burn out though, since our custom dimmer circuits limit the current to a comfortable maximum, and bulb life goes up exponentially as the current is lowered from the usually full house current.
Click here for a 25T10 Bulb Gallery.

The knob is a chromed replacement knob for a Fender Telecaster electric guitar.


The glowing orange disk is my logo, which is always on. Actually, the logo text is no longer included on the pilot light disk.

The case is Bakelite (phenolic), made by the same American company that made the original cases for Simpson multimeters, a classic design, which I vividly remember my father owning:


Tube Amp Gallery

New wall sconse version...

Price is $275 $225. E-mail me to arrange to send a check.

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