The Tube Lamp 25T10 Bulb Gallery:

This is meant to be fun and show that there are plenty of standard brands of 25T10 bulbs. If you want more bulbs, just get them from me though and your life will be simple. They are 25W (watt) tubular bulbs with standard ("medium") base threads. Normally you can't look directly at these but when I dim them down in the Tube Lamp design, they become some of the wildest things you can imagine.

A)Philips brand (Mexico). Home Depot has this brand. These make a good direct replacement of the Lightly brand (B) that come with the Tube Lamp. Often has a slightly visible "Philips" logo on the top, which looks kind of cool actually. WORKS WELL. Huge picture here.

If you want to just buy a bulb or two then get Philips brand (A) at Home Depot ($2.79) or go to and buy Philips bulbs part 373944, phone number (888)455-2800.

B) Lightly brand (Korea). I am currently shipping Tube Lamps with this brand, but you can't buy them in stores. I buy hundreds of them at a time and pass the saving onto my customers. You can buy these for a buck a piece (plus shipping) from me. WORKS WELL. Huge picture here.

C) GE brand. Obtained from a drug store across the street from my studio. This was the original inspiration for the Tube Lamp. When I dimmed it down from its usual nasty hot brightness I exclaimed "cool!" and the Tube Lamp was born. However note that this brand alone has no taper at the bottom of the glass and so WILL NOT EASILY FIT INTO EARLY VERSIONS OF THE TUBE LAMP. Sorry! This has been fixed as of 5/03. WORKS WELL in new Tube Lamps. Huge picture here.

D) Generic brand (Taiwan) from These are one of my favorite bulbs and the filament vibrates less since it has so many filament support wires, but I got a batch with bright lime green coloration on the bottom inside of the bulb which looked awful! The Tube Lamp was supplied with these bulbs before I switched to B. Huge picture here.

E) Westinghouse brand (China). The company ABCO slapped the defunct Westinghouse brand on cheap import bulbs and charge a lot for them too. And my shipment arrived with about 1 in 5 bulbs with a broken filament. They last three times as long as the others too by wasting a huge amount of electricity in a sort of internally dimmed design, which is why THEY GET WAY TOO HOT, unlike all the other bulbs listed here. DO NOT USE WESTINGHOUSE BRAND!!! Huge picture here.

- Nik Willmore

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