Proposal for Tube Lamp Wall Sconce:

...vertical or horizontal.

The mounting bracket would be CNC machined black acrylic with Bakelite knobs. Note that there is are two flexible wires visible, similar to pointable track lighting fixtures that will run from the mounting bracket to the body of the Tube Lamp. The bracket design was inspired by classic Bankers Lamps, not to mention those fish finder sonar units I see on bass boat yachts.


5-14-03 Production Model Completed:

It can attach directly to the wall and use a visible cord, or be attached to a junction box.

This sconce is meant to be connected to a dimmer. That way the human eye can look directly at the fixture and the standard tubular bulbs last a very long time.

This web page is a response to an inquiry by Cliff at Lighting by Gregory ( of 5 May 2003.

The price would be about $225/ea retail instead of $275/ea since I don't need the complex dimming circuitry and hardware of the table top version of The Tube Lamp.

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